Experience in the use of LPE-Massager

LPE-Massager, my experience

LPE-Massager restoration of health and thickness of hair, so the manufacturer says. And as it turned out, this statement is not a myth. We all women want to look beautiful at any age. Healthy hair is what immediately catches your eye. I work as a manager. I go to various meetings and conferences. And that's why I often wash and dry my hair. Recently I noticed that my hair became dry and brittle. And acquaintances, including men, began to tell me about it. Then my hair began to actively fall out in the parting place. I understood that I had to do something. I found the official website of the LPE-Massager on the Internet, made an order directly on the website and bought it. And since then she began to use it. Of course, I did not expect such an effect. Interesting and pleasant sensations from the massager made me even more confident that buying a massager was the right decision. Hair looks great

the beginning of my baldness of the head

My first impressions of using the LPE-Massager

  • pleasant tactile sensations;
  • blood rushes to the head and a pleasant warmth is felt;
  • comfortable size of the massager itself, not heavy;
  • is ​​comfortable to hold in hand.

But then I started using the massager and began to understand that the hair began to change its structure. This was visible on the massage brush. Usually, after combing the hair, there was horror. The whole brush was in my hair and even with dandruff. Then after using the head massager, I saw that it really fulfills its function. First, the dandruff began to disappear, and I did not use a special shampoo. Then there was a shine in the hair, and this can only be if they are no longer dry. After taking a shower, I no longer need to collect tufts of hair from the pallet. Oh yeah, here's another thing. In some places on my head I had fluff instead of hair.

the result of using the massager

So after the massage these places began to appear new hair. Apparently, the stimulation of the hair follicles has done its job. Therefore, by my example, I can recommend LPE-Massager to those of you who have a problem with hair. And the most important thing is to do this as quickly as possible. Because over time, these small problems can develop into one big one, and further solution of this problem will take a lot of time and additional effort. My experience shows that you can use a massager both for the treatment of illness and for prevention. This device helped not only me. On the Internet, you can read a lot of positive reviews from people who are faced with the problem of hair loss. And how to use the massager, what are the indications, contraindications you can read in the detailed instructions for it. Help your hair!