Deep nourishment for the hair

Balanced diet, not only to us but also to our hair. You've probably noticed how it deteriorates the condition of the hair stringent of a diet low in fat and vitamins. Or when the hair does not get intense power from the outside — especially if we are daily subjected them to torture in the form of styling irons and Hairdryers, shrinkable caps and tight hairpins, and cover them with a lot of styling products.

The reason for the poor appearance of hair in such cases is lack of hair nourishment! Together with stylists will figure out how to restore the beauty of curls and save your hair.

5 signs of inadequate nutrition hair

5 signs of inadequate nutrition hair

malnutrition hair

How to understand that your hair is not getting enough vitamins and minerals?

According to stylists at this point to five characteristics:

Intensive hair loss

Normal everyone loses up to 100 hairs daily. However, when the comb is "half" of hair, and the floor in the bathroom after laying covered with hair, time to sound the alarm!

Dry and brittle hair

If, despite careful maintenance and use of moisturizers, you feel that your hair is still too dry and easily broken, should pay attention for additional nutrition of hair.

Lack luster hair

Hair — the first sign of their health! Painful dullness of the curl indicates that they lack vitamins and other useful microelements.

Difficulties with styling your hair

Someone's hair is naturally easy to style, and someone can't collect them even in the tail — to the hair heavy and wayward. However, if your usual styling holds longer than half an hour and you have once again run to the mirror to fix it, then the problem is in insufficient nutrition of hair.

Slow hair growth

As children, the hair ceases to grow, if you don't provide them with a regular "diet", rich in micro and macro. Slow hair growth — an important sign of malnutrition.

When our hair is in particular need of food?
When hair needs nutrition
Support required for the hair, but experts point to several situations where it is important to pay special attention to nutrition curls:

  • the cold season,
  • beach hotel
  • frequent styling using a hair dryer or Ironing,
  • regular hairstyles with rigid fixation using pins, hair clips or elastics,
  • daily use of a large number of styling products,
  • stressful situations nervous overload, overtime work, lack of sleep.

Nutrition hair at home

In addition to the in-salon treatment for deep nourishment of our hair there are ways that you can safely use at home.

Tell that mean our stylists:

Eating the right foods and healthy sleep
The easiest way to start caring about nutrition of hair is to balance your own diet and relax mode. Do not get carried away with strict diets that limit the intake of good fats and vitamins, try to go to sleep and Wake up at the same time, sleep at least 8 hours a day and less nervous.

Observing all these rules a long period of time, you can repair your hair even without the additional procedures and means!

External products to nourish hair

Very often change of diet and sleep is not enough for the rapid restoration of hair. In this case, it is possible to connect external "artillery" and not leaving the house, to cook simple nourishing hair mask from readily available ingredients. Such components may be: coffee, olive oil, egg yolk, honey and yogurt. Just remember that certain ingredients useful substances are contained not in a concentrated form, this means that the visible effect will be shown too soon, and treatments have to carry out as often as possible — preferably every day.

And the stylists don't approve of such procedures: you may always be mistaken with the dosage or any other components, instead use can cause you to have an allergic reaction. So don't rely on the Internet, and it is better to entrust your locks to professional tools.