Balm for hair restoration

hair restoration

For good hair is not enough hygiene. Shampoos only wash away the dirt, but the real care of the locks by special drugs. Distinguish funds that have a moisturizing, firming, restorative action. In addition, cosmetic brands offer formulations intended for healing split ends. Balm for hair restoration helps to strengthen weak and brittle hair, makes hair silky, well-groomed.

Regardless of the specifics, all reducing agents have an antistatic effect.

Good composition meets the following criteria:

  • Does not weigh down the hair.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Has a dense consistency.
  • Spreads easily over the entire length.
  • Based on natural ingredients.
  • Has a nourishing effect.

Experts are instant actions and masks.

What is the balm for split ends hair instant recovery balm-mask

Drugs quick action – a kind of "first aid" for the troubled tresses. Balms such direction quickly solve the problem, but not for long. If there is a need to urgently put in order the hair, and time to spare – then this is what you need. Leading brands produce a whole series of conditioners for split ends instant recovery. At the same guaranteed positive result after the first dose. For continuous actions procedure must be repeated daily. This option is acceptable for hair that is not severely damaged. The disadvantage is that daily routine can make a care burdensome. In addition, the price of such funds is considerable.

If there is a need for a systemic treatment and care, you should pay attention to the tools that operate on the principle mask. Such funds have a more lasting effect. Resorting to them, the girl has no feeling of dependence from the procedure. It 1 time in a week to carry out the manipulation, and forget about it until the next session. The rate of improvement by means of working on the principle of the mask longer, but the result is more stable.

All reducing agents are addictive. So after 4-5 months it is necessary to change the medication.

The effect of reconstruction

Restoration involves the effects on the tresses in several directions. Therefore, shampoos and balms for hair restoration performed:

  • Strengthen root follicles.
  • Eliminate dryness.
  • It easier to comb.
  • Prevent the loss.
  • Beneficial for split ends.
  • Nourish the hair throughout its length.

Well, if you have the opportunity to pick up a few caregiver drugs of one company. Companies select the compositions so that they complement each other's action. This is the best option to maintain the locks in good condition.

When choosing a conditioner, you should pay attention to the type of hair.

balm keratin hair

There are several tools, multi-purpose, which is good for every condition of hair.

But often companies produce balms, designed for a specific type of strands. This means more targeted actions aimed at restoring the strands solely of the declared type.

The composition of the hair contains keratin – a type of protein. A good product to restore the curls should contain this component. This balm keratin hair, which provides the best restorative effects. It makes up for the lack of protein in the strands affects hairs each. This makes the surface firm and elastic, eliminates split ends. As a result, hair becomes softer, manageable, shiny. Hair gain more power, the comb remains of the strands after combing.

For optimal results when using drugs you must fulfill some requirements.

  • When applied balms should avoid contact with the scalp, as the penetration of the composition to the surface of the skin and enters the hair follicle will lead to clogged pores. As a consequence, the accumulation of fat, will make the tresses greasy, common species will become untidy and unsightly.
  • For best results, should adhere strictly to the instructions for each drug.
  • To choose the products depending on hair type. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.
  • Periodically change drugs. This will allow the curls to avoid habituation to the facility, to maintain well-groomed appearance.

Before choosing a drug should inquire about the firm that produces the means to study the consumer reviews about the balm. Important place of purchase – purchase at questionable store could be a problem for hair. And we should remember that good products can not be cheap.