• For hair growth and maintenance of its beauty, vitamins must be present in the diet, because they are the main structural element of hair. Medication is also effective in activating hair growth.
    17 August 2020
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    29 March 2020
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  • Hair restoration with keratin — a special comprehensive treatment, which is achieved by the regenerative effect in just one session.
    5 January 2020
  • Hair restoration can be done both at home and in the salon. Hair health is impossible without the use of natural masks with regenerating properties, in salon it is possible to make the lamination or keratin recovery.
    1 January 2020
  • Regular use of oils for hair is able to correct any unfortunate situation with brittle and not human hair. Best oil for hair - coconut, burdock and argan.
    29 December 2019
  • For severely damaged hair requires regular grooming. Intensive hair restoration is possible with the help of tools such as oils, lemon, yogurt, egg yolk, aloe, etc. can mitigate the impact of harsh external factors and make locks more healthy, beautiful and shiny.
    16 November 2019
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  • Using effective mask for hair restoration can restore health and an attractive appearance to the strands without turning to the professionals. Masks provide hydration, nutrition and recovery of the hair structure.
    16 November 2019
  • Remedies for hair restoration will help "revive" the curls that are suffering from frequent use of a hair dryer, a flat iron, from a bad environment and lack of vitamins.
    16 November 2019